Dr. DeRespinis has written numerous scientific articles in over a dozen different peer-reviewed journals. As a tool for his patients and their parents he has also published "SUPER SIGHT FOR SEYMOUR BRIGHT." This children's book was written to help children understand why wearing their glasses is beneficial and so important. It also takes on the subject of childhood bullying in a sensitive way. The book is illustrated by John Ewing, a Disney artist, who was also responsible for Winnie the Pooh and Jungle Book. It is available in the office at a reduced price of $10.00, and also at or

Below are some illustrations from "SUPER SIGHT FOR SEYMOUR BRIGHT."

The King Who Hates the Color Green

In a far-off kingdom lives the king of everything, and he hates the color green. Using a magic wand, he turns everything around him gray, and slowly but surely the life begins to drain from the kingdom around him. As his people suffer, they are still hopeful, for there is a prophecy that says a young, brave knight with green eyes will save their kingdom.
Once, the king and his queen had been happy. They had a young son, but their prince was lost in the forest. What they don’t know is that the prince was found and raised by a mysterious wizard--and it’s the wizard’s wand that the king uses to turn green to gray. When the young prince grows into a brave knight, he sets out to confront the evil turning the land to gray. But only time will tell whether he will recognize his family and be recognized in return.
This work of poetic fantasy for young readers shares a story of love, sadness, and reconciliation.

It is available in the office at a reduced price, and also at or

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